Use Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0

Discover new project ideas and develop your own European Solidarity Corps hosting projects for/with young people facing socio-economic obstacles. 

Use your Hands...

The original “Use Your Hands to Move Ahead” booklet (2004, updated 2009) described how organisations could use the pathway approach and practical tasks in the context of European Voluntary Service projects.  Now, “Use Your Hands to Move Head 2.0” builds on that knowledge and shows how it can be implemented in the European Solidarity Corps.

... and Move Ahead

“Use Your Hands to Move Ahead 2.0” is an educational document aimed at youth workers, youth leaders, European institutions and all others who work with young people facing socio-economic obstacles. 

This booklet describes how European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects can be used to benefit these young people. Also, it demonstrates how combining the “personal pathway” approach with the methodology of practical tasks directly responds to these youngster’s specific learning needs.  Providing an in-depth look at the educational value of practical tasks, the booklet shows how these tasks serve to develop an individual’s social AND practical skills.

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